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Rules & Regulations

  1. Every pupils should have a copy of the Schoo Diary which must be brought to school daily.
  2. The school uniform is compulsory, Exception may be made on the Birthday of the pupil. Every pupil should be neatly dressed and tidy in person.
  3. Only English should be spoken during school hours so that the pupil acquire good grasp of English language.
  4. Great importance is attached to Regularity, Punctuality Discipline and Good Manners
  5. The pupils themselves are responsible for whatsoever article they bring to school. They are advised not to bring money or valuable thing.
  6. Neither the pupil nor the parents / guardians may give Presents to teachers of the school. Parents / Guardians are not permitted to meet teacher or student during class hour.
  1. Private tuition by teaches of the school may be arranged by then principal only.
  2. Pupils are expected to return home immediately after class and not stay back in the school premises of any purpose.Parents should take a special note of this and make necesary arrangements.
  3. Pupils may not leave the school premises during school hours without Permission of the principal
  4. Pupil suffering from contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend school.
  5. Students are expected to be clean and tidy in their person, dress, books and all other belongings.

Conduct Outside The Class Room

  1. No books, periodicals newspaper, God pictures may be brought into the school premises without permission of the school authorities. Likewise articles likely to cause disturbance such a transistors, crackers, water pistols,stickers etc., are forbidden on the school premisses.
  2. Running or playing on the veranda or shouting of behaving in a boisterous manner indoors is never allowed. When class or any function is over the pupils must go out of the school building in an orderly, manner.
  3. Scribbling on walls or furniture or floor is a serious fault. any damage done to school properly including games and sports equipment, will have to be made good.
  4. Dangerous of harmful games as well as those which have the direct aim of hitting the person are strictly forbidden
  5. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for the behaviour both inside and outside of the school.
  6. Disobedience or disrespect toward the members of the staff will be treated as serious fault, irregular attendance habitual idleness or neglect of duty, long absence without leave, indocility to corrections, stealing and bad moral influence on others, justify dismissal from school.